Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Yes Virginia, you can make an omelet in a microwave

Although my home, Liana Suite in Linden Place, for the next six months may be just a glorified hotel room in a guest house in Linden, it comes with a sweet little courtyard of my own that has stable wifi. On the downside, the kitchen area only includes a sink, refrigerator, and microwave.  

When I got home from work I decided I wanted something cooked, not warmed up. My refrigerator keepings were a bit meager, but I did have milk, eggs, a fresh vegetable medley and something I never leave home without, stone ground brown mustard. 

Omelet Ingredients
Organic and all versions of "natural" foods are available here. I have already been to one outstanding vegan/vegetarian restaurant.

If you can't make a salad without a bag of pre-washed, ready-to-eat, sealed greens, don't worry, you can easily get them here. I've been experimenting with the different greens -- rocket (arugula-esqe), watercress, and the usual reds and greens we get in the US. As an aside, I was hoping I wouldn't see all the packaging that is in the US, but I guess the South Africans have thrown their lot in the same global warming basket as the rest of us. 

A six-pack of free range brown eggs costs SA Rand 22.99 (or about $2.30 US) and the vegetable pack costs SA Rand 31.95 (or about $3.20 US). My whole grain ground brown mustard was SA Rand 29.95 (or about $3 US). The prices are comparable to US prices, at least if shopping at Woolworths. I haven't made it to the Pick & Pay or the Spar. Headliner for you: the shops, including grocery stores and chemists, close at 6:00 pm! Woolworths, the anomaly, is open until 8:00 pm. 

The key to making an omelet in the microwave appears to be medium heat for a short time. I checked it a couple of times and it puffed up nicely and wasn't rubbery. I put a little stone ground mustard on it and dumped the vegetable medley on top.

 Viva Microwave!

Accompanied by a local brew, Windhoek, my omelet made a lovely dinner in my courtyard.  Windhoek is a fine vintage, sold by the bottle for SA Rand 1100, that also goes well with most technology. 

Windhoek Beer


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