Sunday, September 29, 2013

Turn right at the Monkey Fountain

Sofia and I made it home from the shopping center without international incident in a mere 15 minutes. The key to avoiding driving lost in ever-increasingly larger circles for an hour is to remember to turn right at the Monkey Fountain Nursery and pet supply

Victory Park Shopping Center
photo credit: Bental Group
I remembered to tip the parking lot attendant for assisting me in backing out of the parking space. I felt I should have given him more as he did take his life in his hands standing behind Sofia as I backed up. It has only been four days, and I have not yet perfected shifting with the left hand and staying in the correct lane all at the same time. 

All in all it was a good trip. I get more confidence every time I go out. This trip I even passed a bus and traveled at the posted speed limit instead of letting cars line up behind me. The gear crunching has also lessened. The Nissan clutch is definitely not a Volvo clutch!

I am now the proud owner of a Woolworths preferred shopper's card. It feels a bit like shopping at Fresh Fields or Whole Foods. The company has made a commitment to organic and to the environment in its packaging. The larger stores carry clothing, furniture, and household goods. It felt similar to a Macy's. However, this impression could very easily be wrong given my general lack of interest in visiting large department stores in the US.

I also have a new shopping bag sponsored by WWF and Woolworths; proceeds to go to the protection of the rhino. It should help with my goal not to contribute to the litter and landfills while I am here in South Africa. However, since its size is about the capacity of my refrigerator I will have to remember to shop lightly.  

This is a picture of Sofia. Given my propensity to get lost, I wanted a partner that could contribute to successful expeditions once I start to venture outside of Johannesburg. I chose "Sofia" in the hope that "wisdom" will come from somewhere when I am sitting at the intersection determining which way to proceed.  

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